Sunday, 23 November 2014

Microsoft Presents Powerbank Portable Power with Battery Capacity 6000 mAh

Microsoft today isn't any longer known as a producer associated with software, but also a hardware producer. Especially after the release of their products and acquiring the Nokia pill Surface. Companies based in Redmond, WA, it also now has released a brand new hardware product named in the type POWERBANK Portable Power.

Although many suppliers produce POWERBANK, not lit the spirit of Microsoft to maintain launching new accessories and namely is Microsoft Transportable Power Pack. In contrast to the majority of Powerbank products, Microsoft Portable Power Load up promises faster charging.

Microsoft claims that this device has the capacity to charge the device as you charge the battery within the power source. With an electric battery capacity 6,000mAh, claimed Microsoft Power Pack could be recharged to 80% in 3 several hours, or 100% within 4 hours.

This Powerbank premiered using Microsoft's own brand. In this, there is a battery capacity associated with 6000 mAh. This device can supply to charge various types of cellular devices, not just for Lumia Smartphone. For the reason this Portable Power cable attached to the Smartphone using the USB-to-microUSB.

Microsoft said that the single charge, it can last POWERBANK entirely condition for a month. Even within the period of six months, Microsoft claims that it can withstand POWERBANK battery capacity reaches 80 % for any single charge.

Power Pack supports each USB and microUSB charging. It remains unclear whether this energy pack also supports other devices like the OS with lightning cable, but Microsoft appears to recommend Lumia devices to be combined with this device.

In addition, it has also become objects POWERBANK ample for a low end Smartphone which mostly has a battery capacity of 1500 mAh. Smartphone with a battery for a lot more than 3000 mAh a Priced from $49, Microsoft Portable Power has 3 colors of green, white and orange.

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